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What people love about adventuring with Sheila!

“How often in your life have you secretly, silently wished for help and guidance from something bigger, a connection to the mystery and potential you sense just under the surface of your life.

What would happen to you and your life if someone, a visionary perhaps, showed you that the connection you seek isn’t out there but deep inside of you, an eternal spark of light just waiting to expand into brilliance.

You might believe me because you sense the truth in that idea, that we are a part of something grander, brighter and more mysterious than we can begin to imagine. For me, that truth showed up one day in the form of a unique and gifted woman, Sheila Applegate.
Visionary, teacher, guide, Sheila has filled all of those roles in my life, helping me to imagine more for myself than I could have dreamt. I’ve studied with Sheila over many years and find myself able to learn, connect, absorb and level up again and again. Whether it’s a new creative endeavor or helping me to develop my intuition, Sheila has patiently encouraged me to understand how to strengthen my spiritual connections, tap into my creative passions and connect with the talents I wasn’t always able to recognize. As a Consciously Awesome Gnostic Adventure student, she taught me a way to explore new possibilities, practice my intuitive skills, attract more love, and bring it all into my Intuitive Reiki practice. My clients experience my joy, positivity, and clarity. My projects continue to move forward as I’ve overcome self-sabotaging fear and doubt, and I feel connected to a larger community of like-minded friends, both old and new.

Creating the life of your dreams is something we all aspire to and deserve. Working with Sheila has both challenged me and inspired me to do just that!”

Suzanne Cunningham

NC Reiki Master Teacher and aspiring author

“I was looking for some guidance in my life and I needed to be more clear on what it was I wanted out of life. I also knew the personal growth part of this would help my businesses, as well as my relationships with other people.

My goal for myself was to be more in tune with myself and my surroundings. It was like I needed to tap into my own personal power, and this program really helped me to recognize that.

The financial part was my only hesitation! But I knew and tried to practice the Law of Attraction and I literally got a check in the mail in the exact amount I needed! Ask for it and you will receive it!

I was able to quit my job just a few months after we concluded our program, I am now in a job that I love with great people. Most importantly I am self employed! A huge goal of mine since I joined the work force! LOL! I have also really started to grow my side business and it’s quickly becoming my #1 gig! I love what I do and I am sure a lot of it started with the great foundation that the Consciously Awesome program gave me.”


Hair Stylist and Network Marketing Professional

“As we search to find our place in the world amidst of uncertain times, there is a place where peace and love resides. The Consciously Awesome program teaches us how to let go of worry, become empowered to reach our unlimited potential and stand in a sphere of like-minded people – with community sharing, ancient wisdom teachings from the master teacher Sheila Applegate. This program helped provide clarity for my business, amplified my life’s work as a leader in the transformational space and helped clear old outdated beliefs to let in new ways of thinking. If you are looking to accelerate your business, find your life’s passion, and invite in new creative modes of being, then Consciously Awesome is for you!”
Laura Ponticello

I am an award winning and best selling author, founder of Divine Phoenix Books and author coach.

“The Consciously Awesome program has guided me to continue the practice of completing myself. This course has pushed me to levels I didn’t realize I could be pushed to. When you have the courage to turn around and really look at yourself… that’s amazing. Consciously Awesome provides all the tools to do that …. It’s up to you to use the tools.””
-Logan Sutt

US Vet

“My life has not only been enhanced but changed by the information and meditations in the Consciously Awesome program created by Sheila Applegate.

The Consciously Awesome program is well presented in a way that is layered and un-intimidating. There’s no judgment or need to understand all the material before moving forward to the next awareness or “topic.” You learn! You learn from what you are able to absorb, not only in the initial moment but also gradually over time. You may see your truth in the material immediately, or it may be like puzzle pieces, not making any sense separately, but as you start to piece them together, they form a big beautiful picture that will give you amazing insights and enlightenment.

If you’ve been wanting some extra tools in your tool belt to help you navigate this crazy thing called “life,” I strongly encourage your participation and presence in the Consciously Awesome program. It only gets better!”


Portland Oregon

“I was in a transitional period in my life and was looking for guidance and answers. This course helped me sift through the muddy waters of my mind and get a clearer picture.

I wanted to sharpen my manifesting skills, my meditation skills, and pretty much fine tune everything I’ve been studying about this kind of stuff for years.

I would say if you truly wanted a change in your life having the right knowledge and understanding in personal growth and knowing how to apply it in day to day life is priceless information. That is what you will get out of this course. Deep knowledge. Eye opening realizations. Real practical tools for positive change and for living to your fullest!”

–Susie Regulbuto

am self employed. I have a health and wellness business with Arbonne.

“I like how Consciously Awesome allows you to realize how much you can and should be an active participant in creating the life you want, and then gives you the tools to do just that. Weeding through old belief systems that no longer serve you, and really looking at where those belief systems came from in the first place can be life changing for people. The step by step guidance in small lessons makes the program manageable and fun. And being able to go back to the lessons and meditations over and over helps you discover all the different layers of the lessons. Each time I listen to them it’s like I’m hearing them for the first time and hear something new.”
-Heidi Baldwin

US Vet, I am self employed. I have a health and wellness business.

My experience in this program has been an expanding microcosm of the experience of this life. Through the guidance of the straightforward weekly lessons and meditations, personal challenges are met with relative ease and support, while the online forums with fellow participants help to make it even more fun and comfortable. The Consciously Awesome program is designed with such organization and inclusion that every person who participates will find exactly what they need along with a plethora of gifts to make the most valuable investment they can in their lives – themselves.
Johnny Ryan Savage

Writer, Teacher, Linguist, Massage Therapist, Level 3 Reiki Practitioner & Consciousness Cartographer

the Future is Yours

Never before has it been so crucial for conscious people to receive mentorship and become fully empowered to live out their dreams. Don’t lose hope in a world that teaches you that suffering is normal. Together, we learn a new way, and in doing so, we build a better world.

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