2016 brought our collective ego to the surface…

now let’s join together to transform it in 2017

Free Webinar and Conscious Meditation with Sheila Applegate

Have the last several months left you wondering about our world’s future?

It can be difficult to see the bigger picture while standing in the middle of chaos.

It may even leave you feeling helpless and disillusioned.

Or maybe you are feeling optimism about the world shifts.

You are not alone. Thousands of people from around the world are joining together with the intention of creating a vibrant world of prosperity, peace and creativity.

And you know what?

Being a part of this World Transformation is easier than you think.

First you need to center yourself at the core so you can understand the healing process.

Once you understand everything happening is leading us towards the brilliant world we desire, you can align with this flowing energy to amplify the beauty inherent in all living beings.

As an individual, part of your journey to higher consciousness is transforming your ego. Creating a healthy and loving relationship with your ego supports you in becoming the amazing person you have always imagined yourself to be.

As a world, our collective consciousness is reaching this same point of transformation. And it is quite exciting! Because now we can come together in loving consciousness to help transform our collective ego on a global scale. Together we can co-create a world we have only dreamed of!

As a Visionary, Conscious Life Coach and the founder of the Consciously Awesome Coaching Program, I have dedicated my life to helping individuals around the world create a life of wonder through Conscious Meditation.

Now you can join illuminated souls from around the world as I lead you in a FREE Global Meditation to Transform our Collective Ego and Infuse our world with Grace.

Begin 2017

  • Feeling Inspired
  • Gaining a new outlook on world events
  • Amplifying the Impact, you have on our world


Join thousands of people from around the world with the intention of creating a world of vibrant peace and global prosperity.

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