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Beyond the portal you will find wisdom, laughter, and perspective.

Beyond the portal you will find forgiveness and remember wholeness.

You will reunite with loved ones.

You will discover unlimited resources, insights and possibilities.

You will perceive love beyond form.

Beyond the portal you will dance in enchantment and release your limitations.

For over 30 years, Sheila has been a conduit for Divine Consciousness, guiding thousands of people around the world to deliberately create more vibrant and fulfilling lives for themselves and all humanity.

This guidance is practical, compassionate, expansive and lighthearted. Sheila helps people reconnect to the truth within them, enhance their relationships, propel their careers, heal grief, discover joy and love deeply.

Awaken to the clarity that is already within you by attending in person Beyond The Portal With Sheila Applegate.

Each workshop is created through your focused thoughts, comments and questions. Since this is an open forum for exploration of conscious creation and beyond – there are no questions that are off limits. As you clarify, or even write down, your intentions for this gathering, you will call in the practical wisdom which will most benefit you and all who are ready to receive.

After each hour of Divine Communication, we take a twenty-minute integration break offering you time to process, refresh, discover community and stretch your body. Most workshops begin at 9:00 AM and end at 1:00PM. See each workshop description for details.

Beyond The Portal With Sheila Applegate workshops are offered in several cities around the world each year. These workshops are the ideal way to learn from The Divine Consciousness as you manifest the life you desire.

Please see our workshop guidelines which you are asked to acknowledge before participating. Once you reserve, a registration form will be mailed to you. Please be sure to read the cancellation policy by clicking here.

*Cost for each workshop is $222 until 4PM EST the business day (M-F) prior to the workshop and $250 after 4PM EST (the day prior to the workshop) until the workshop starts.

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