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Advice from within is hard to find. For over 29 years, Sheila Applegate has found that still quiet voice on behalf of thousands. Trusted by leaders and experts in every industry, Sheila offers her beautiful gift of therapeutic, intuitive coaching and advising as the answer to our unspoken wishes.

Just as her professional home is in a place of powerful intersections – coaching, guiding, healing, channeling, and teaching – her geographical roots are just as diverse and powerful.

Sheila lives in beautiful upstate New York, on the outskirts of the Onondaga reservation. With one foot in the world of modern needs and wants, and the other foot in a world of ancestral remembering, she recalls for all of us the unseen world and the laws of the past, and how they still shape our lives today.

For those who are already wise, joyous, and successful, Sheila provides unique counsel and guidance; she helps us get to the Big Dreams – to the version of destiny that still feels out of reach.

We forget sometimes that this modern world requires a sacred path. We journey to the edge of a false world before we realize we can’t go any further without access to spiritual solutions. Amidst the diversion, strife, and complexity of our modern times, one would be fortunate to experience the antidote.

That antidote is Sheila.

Part healer, part seer, Sheila offers a style of life coaching and business coaching that appears to come to us directly from the gods. Manifestation Coaching, her signature coaching program, is both mystical and pragmatic. The process would be elusive if Sheila couldn’t answer all your questions about the unseen order… but she can, and she’ll make it seem as simple as the law of gravity (because to her, it is).

Sheila is also a trusted love and relationship coach, especially for those who seek high quality guidance on the topics of divine union, soulmate partnerships, marriage, divorce, and/or the twin flame dynamic. Her relationship coaching protocol, Conscious Coupling, will do more for those who believe in love than any other relationship coaching service currently available. Conscious Coupling de-programs clients from cultural pressures that cause them to place conditions on romantic relationships, and instead, makes true love vivid and achievable.

Because of her talent with all of life, success, and relationship coaching, Sheila typically attracts people who find themselves at a crossroads with all three areas of life. She is the quintessential divine resource, as compassionate as she is powerful, allowing all who cross her path to arrive into the fullest expression of their authentic selves in many different ways.

“Sheila offers exactly what our world is so desperately seeking at this time in history. She truly helps those who seek to become the entirety of their soul’s purpose through her exceptional and spiritual soul’s work.”


Diane Schenandoah

Oneida Nation, Wolf Clan Faithkeeper Artist/Sculptor, Energy work

“When Baba Virsa Singh ji, left this physical world, I was called to embrace my role as a leader in a way that I had not done before. Sheila’s vision, guidance and wisdom helped me to focus on my passion and unique leadership path.  Sheila continues to be a resource of clarity as I amplify the impact my service has on the world.”

Ralph Singh

Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network; Convener. Author, Educator, Storyteller, and Community Builder

“Sheila - I can’t thank you enough for giving me the clarity I needed to really embrace what I was put here to do. You helped me not only clarify what my passions were, but you also gave me the road-map I needed to start moving in that direction. What an amazing gift you have. The personal transformation I had while working with you was just what I needed to step into the real me. I can’t think of a better way to live!”


Joleene Moody

Creative Coach / Writer / Speaker

“Like a lighthouse in a storm, Sheila’s ability to make sense of the spiritual and emotional chaos that sometimes envelop us and articulate this higher perspective with such clarity is truly a gift. Her innate creative ability inspires the same in others and she easily makes a safe platform upon which to do so with aligned  meaning and purpose.  Sheila is a portal to divine creativity - a key to inspired flow and intent.”

Silla Moller

Melbourne, Australia

“Sheila just gets it. Her vision, insight, and understanding are inspiring and uplifting, as well as clear and grounded. She lives as she teaches, with contagious passion and love.”

Gina Manziello

Actress, Production Manager, and Singer-Song Writer

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