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Tracing Roots of Peace: Synchronized Global Meditation

Sponsored by: Sheila Applegate
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May Peace Prevail On Earth International, James Twyman, Sheila Applegate and Diane Schenandoah are collaborating to offer Tracing Roots of Peace Synchronized Global Meditation on February 10 at 7PM NY Time.

People from around the world are invited to join in meditation for peace and harmony to prevail on earth.

For over twenty years James Twyman has traveled to many war zones to lead massive world peace meditations. The first synchronized meditation took place in 1998 when James was invited to Iraq by Saddam Hussein. Millions of people stopped for fifteen minutes and sent their positive prayers to the region, and time after time miracles followed. Three years ago, along with peace activists and leaders from the three Abrahamic faiths, James stood on a hill overlooking a Syrian village held by ISIS. While the battle raged below people from every corner of the globe sent their prayers to the situation, and three days later peace talks began.

Now, James Twyman, Sheila Applegate and Diane Schenandoah have chosen to come together on the spiritually rich land of Central NY for the Tracing Roots of Peace synchronized meditation and celebration of unity.

There is a rich history of progressive transformation in the Central New York area.  Dating back thousands of years, to the time of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Peacemaker.

The story of the Peacemaker is one of the most profound stories of peace and forgiveness.  It acts as a reminder that we can bury our weapons and come together in respectful union.

In Ancient times, when the people of this land were warring, the Peacemaker carried to them a message of peace. Feeling the vibration of love and truth within the Peacemakers message, the warring tribes buried their weapons beneath a Great White Pine Tree.

The Peacemaker declared the roots of the White Pine Tree would grow out in all four directions and anyone seeking peace would be able to trace these roots and find shelter in the Tree of Peace.

This League of the Haudenosaunee’s Great Law of Peace would later become the inspiration the founding fathers used as a foundation of the United States Government.

This land has continued to be a beacon to those who seek shelter and peace.

Harriett Tubman brought the Underground Railroad through this land and she eventually settled here in a small home in Auburn NY.

The woman’s suffrage movement also found its roots in this land.

In more recent times, the Dali Lama Selected this area to be the site of an international center for Buddhism and Baba Virsa Singh Ji of the Sikh Tradition was guided to establish a second Gobind Sadan (God’s House without Walls) in this sacred vortex of land.

As we join together from around the world, we will Trace the Roots of Peace and find shelter in the collective union of our humanity.

Join us via live streaming or simply tuning in via meditation and prayer at 7 PM EST on February 10, 2020.

May peace prevail on earth.


James Twyman

Sheila Applegate

Diane Schenandoah

Joanne Shenandoah

Ralph Signh

Michelle Schenandoah

Val Cook

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