Do you ever find yourself in a battle with your ego?

And does it feel like that battle will never end?

The path to living consciously can seem difficult. It doesn’t help when it feels like your own ego is on a mission to sabotage your joy.


Most spiritual and self-help books teach that you need to overcome your ego or at least keep it in check. The problem is the more you push against or ignore your ego the louder it seems to get.


What would you say if I told you that your ego plays an important role in your ability to live a brilliant and peaceful life?


Ending that ego battle is easier than it seems.


Once you understand the ego’s purpose, you can develop a healthy relationship with your whole self.


The next step is something you may not have imagined. Falling in love with your ego is the gateway to living in the bliss of conscious oneness.


In this space you will find your ego is one of your greatest allies.


Books (and, to be fair, many online courses,) may leave you feeling frustrated like there is no end in sight. Most courses tell you how important it is to overcome your ego but they often brush over subtleties that have profound effects on your ability to apply this to your real life. And has a course ever taught you to fall in love with your ego?


Think about it. Nothing is outside of God/All That Is…not even your ego.


Without a healthy and vibrant ego on your side it is almost impossible to live the inspired life you desire.



What If A Program Existed That Offered Easy Practical Steps To Embracing Your Ego?



What if you had the opportunity to practice each technique and receive personalized support from a master teacher?

What if this course included a unique meditation approach to help you integrate the teachings?

You’d finally overcome that nagging ego battle.

You’d embrace your ego as an ally on your path to joy.

And life would be way more awesome!

“Sheila is a powerful and passionate communicator and change agent”
Barnte Bain

author of The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work, producer of What Dreams May Come, and The Celestine Prophecy

“When I work with Sheila, I know I’m being seen for who I am and who I can become, not just for what I want to do. It’s the most amazing experience. She doesn’t just help me become more successful… she also makes me a better, happier person.”
Amisha Patel, M.F.A.

Professor, Writer, & Owner of

“Like a lighthouse in a storm, Sheila’s ability to make sense of the spiritual and emotional chaos that sometimes envelop us and articulate this higher perspective with such clarity is truly a gift. Her innate creative ability inspires the same in others and she easily makes a safe platform upon which to do so with aligned  meaning and purpose.  Sheila is a portal to divine creativity – a key to inspired flow and intent.”
Silla Moller

Melbourne, Australia

The Embracing My Ego Master Class

  • Discover the important role your ego plays and open to life’s wonder without fear.
  • Identify and release your limiting beliefs so you can set yourself free and create a new experience in each moment.
  • Learn to use Conscious Meditation as a tool to transform your Ego.
  • Embrace your Evolved Ego so you can amplify the impact you have on our world.
  • Celebrate life beyond struggle so you can embrace a deeper more inspired way of being.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for everyone who wants to end the battle with the ego once and for all.

Whether you’re young or old, an executive, teacher, parent, artist, hipster, geek or tree hugger; whether you’re a novice on the path of consciousness or a master meditator—this program is for you if you are ready to move beyond the struggle with your ego and claim the brilliant life you deserve.

Meet Your Teacher

Sheila Applegate
Sheila Applegate, MSW.  Award-winning Author, Conscious Life Coach and Creator of the Consciously Awesome E-course and Coaching Program
As a Clinical Therapist, Author, Teacher and Conscious Life Coach, I have guided people to live illuminated lives for over 20 years. Through my own journey to living in Conscious Joy, I understand that nothing is outside of Oneness, not even your ego. I emphasize the important role the ego plays in our evolution.

Through my Conscious Meditations, I will guide you to embrace your full authentic self; to realize that every part of you is divine. Embracing the full essence of your physical and spiritual being-ness is the key to living a joy filled and inspired life.

What Is Included In The Program?

  • 4 live webinars to help you embrace your ego and claim your full authentic self.
  • 4 weekly assignments in both audio and text so you can choose the format that works best for you.
  • Live Conscious Meditation for instant integration of new concepts.
  • One-on-one Coaching session with an Ambassador of Consciousness to help break through your limiting beliefs and barriers.
  • Audio recordings of live classes to listen on your own time.
  • A Facebook private group to communicate and celebrate with other members Sheila throughout the program.

You can download the course lessons and meditations to have lifetime access.

Private sessions are offered via phone, internet or in person depending on your proximity to your Ambassador of Consciousness, so it is easy for you to receive this personalized support whether you live in Washington DC or Timbuktu.

Live Group sessions can be accessed via phone or internet so you can join in from wherever you are in this magical world we call earth.

The program costs $444

“Sheila just gets it. Her vision, insight, and understanding are inspiring and uplifting, as well as clear and grounded. She lives as she teaches, with contagious passion and love.”
Gina Manziello

Actress, Production Manager, and Singer-Song Writer

“When Baba Virsa Singh ji, left this physical world, I was called to embrace my role as a leader in a way that I had not done before. Sheila’s vision, guidance and wisdom helped me to focus on my passion and unique leadership path.  Sheila continues to be a resource of clarity as I amplify the impact my service has on the world.”
Ralph Signh

Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network; Convener. Author, Educator, Storyteller, and Community Builder

The Nitty Gritty

Live classes will be on Mondays at 8PM EST beginning February 27.

You will receive four weekly emails with lessons and assignments.

Your Ambassador of Consciousness will contact you to schedule your session.

Questions can be submitted to me (Sheila) through the private Facebook group, email or on the live calls.

All live calls are recorded so you can listen at your convince.

Still Not Sure?

No problem. This course will be available in the future as an E-course. But you should know that this is the only opportunity you will have, to take the course with me live. Having the opportunity to ask me questions is a huge support to overcoming your limitations and claiming your inner brilliance.
Space is limited to give you a cozy and supportive experience

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