Sheila Applegate Live In LA Manitest The Portal to Creating Your Deams


Manifest: The Portal to Creating Your Dreams Dec 2020 Los Angeles California

by Sheila Applegate


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Gain clarity and enhance your emotional health, relationships and career. 

Mastering Manifestation takes more than a thought. Our strongest powers of manifesting come when our intentions and emotions dance in a playful flow of energy.

In this Interactive Workshop, Best Selling Author and Manifestation Coach, Sheila Applegate explores how guided meditation and aligning with your higher states of consciousness can amplify your ability to manifest your dreams.

This guidance is practical, compassionate, expansive and lighthearted. Sheila will help you reconnect to the truth within, enhance your relationships, propel your careers, heal grief, discover joy and love deeply. You can Manifest the life you desire.

Each workshop is created through your focused thoughts, comments and questions. Since this is an open forum for exploration of conscious creation and beyond. As you clarify your intentions for this gathering, your intentions will call in the practical wisdom which will most benefit you and all who are ready to receive.


Sheila Applegate, MSW. Manifestation Life Coach.

Date and Time

March 29th, 2020

2pm – 4pm


Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio
7551 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90046


Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy

Manifest: The Portal to Creating Your Dreams


Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio

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